Pr.Achilleas Gikas University of Crete

Curriculum Vitae - January 2013

Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Crete, Greece.

Medical degree and PhD from the Medical School of Athens, Specialized on Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at Pitie-Salpetriere and Bichat-Claude-Bernard Hospitals, Paris (1986-90). He obtained the Diplome Interuniversitaire de Strategie Globale en Hygiene Hospitaliere, organised by the “Université Claude Bernard Lyon1” -Communotés Européennes – C.D.C – and Institute Merieux (1993). He attended the «Cours de l' Institute Pasteur» –and obtained the «Certificat de la Microbiologie Tropicale (1994)».

 He works in Crete, Greece since 1990 and is currently Head of the Infectious Diseases dpt. and the Infection Control Unit at the University Hospital of Heraklion. and he runs the Infectious disease Lab at the University of Crete . He was nominated a)Chairman of the ESCAR/ESCMID working group (2008-11) b) Coordinator of the National Surveillance and Infection Control committee at the ministry of heakth (KEELPNO) 2011 and  c) the Greek National Contact Point for surveillance and control of nosocomial infections at ECDC (2010-13)). He is member of the EUCIC/ESCMID steering committee (2014).

His scientific activity has led to more than 80 peer-review articles about 80 invited lectures at local and international conferences and 1500 citations.