Dr. Srinivasan is the Associate Director for Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Programs in the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  He is board certified in Infectious Diseases.  Before coming to CDC he was as Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Infectious Diseases Division at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he was the founding director of the Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Management Program and the associate hospital epidemiologist.  His primary responsibilities include oversight and coordination of efforts to eliminate healthcare associated infections.   His research and investigative areas of concentration include outbreak investigations, infection control, multi-drug resistant gram negative pathogens and antimicrobial use.  From 2006-2010, he led the CDC’s healthcare outbreak investigations team. In 2008, he assumed the medical directorship of a new CDC campaign called “Get Smart for Healthcare” which is designed to improve the use of antimicrobials in in-patient healthcare facilities. Dr. Srinivasan has published more than 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals on his research in healthcare epidemiology, infection control and antimicrobial use and resistance.