Julia Bielicki is a paediatrician and a researcher at St George’s University of London and the University Children’s Hospital in Basel. Julia was part of the core team of the Antibiotic Resistance and Prescribing in European Children project, one of the largest international projects assessing antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance in children to date. For this project, her focus was on developing appropriate surveillance methodology to assess childhood antibiotic resistance, and make surveillance data accessible for clinical practice. She continues to be interested in optimal surveillance methods for children, and is part of the oversight group for the GARPEC (Global Antibiotic Resistance, Prescribing and Effectiveness amongst neonates and Children) project.

Julia is currently developing her interest in antibiotic clinical trials involving neonates and children, and will be the lead physician for the NIHR-funded CAP-IT study evaluating the efficacy, safety and impact on antimicrobial resistance of different doses and durations of antibiotic treatment for children with community-acquired pneumonia.