CHU de Limoges, Limoges, France


Dr. François is specialist in Intensive Care medicine and Anesthesiology at the University Hospital of Limoges, France. He works in a 22 bed medical/surgical ICU and is the head of the Limoges Clinical Investigation Center (Inserm CIC-P 1435) of which main expertise is Infectious Diseases in critically ill patients. He has been national coordinator for numerous emergency trials especially in Sepsis, VAP and VAP prevention, and has participated in several advisory boards for Sepsis and VAP multinational trials, independent Clinical Evaluation Committees and Adjudication Committees. He is author of many publications in Infectious Disease in the ICU especially about Sepsis and VAP and is also reviewer for several medical journals in the ICU field. He has an expertise in the practical bedside organization of clinical research in the ICU. He has also an interest in more translational studies and research about the immunological disorders of Sepsis evaluated by flow cytometry and its potential treatments. He is investigating the role of bacterial resistance mechanisms and integrons during Sepsis with Marie-Cécile Ploy Inserm research team from Limoges, France. He created the CRICS network dedicated to clinical research in Sepsis trials in 2007 and is now co-leading the French TRIGGERSEP research network (F-CRIN certification within ECRIN) which integrate all research activities in Sepsis from basic science to clinical trials. Since 2012, he is coordinating the COMBACTE consortium within the IMI framework with Marc Bonten from Utrecht, the Netherlands as academics partners and is leading the SAATELLITE trial in collaboration with Medimmune developing new therapeutic pre-emptive approach of VAP with monoclonal antibodies.