Legal/Risk Management, Risknomics, Scottsdale, United States


Mr Nassof has been involved in the field of environmental and health risk consulting for over 25 years concentrating his work in the areas of infection prevention, industrial hygiene, microbial contamination, outbreak response, and liability minimization for adverse events in vascular access.  Many of his risk management programs have been adopted as underwriting standards by the insurance industry worldwide and are utilized as risk barometers for which to evaluate emerging environmental and healthcare risks.  In the area of infection prevention and control, Mr. Nassof developed a unique multi-faceted infection control program designed to reduce infection rates and provide legally defensible documentation to the healthcare provider as well as the insurance industry.  Mr. Nassof has been involved as a consultant and testifying expert on fungal contamination, Norovirus,Legionella, and most recently on the Ebola outbreak.

Mr. Nassof has presented hundreds of seminars and webinars to healthcare, legal, insurance, loss control, and risk management groups throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  He has co-authored books on fungal contamination, published numerous white/legal papers and holds a patent on a fungal sensing device.