Fankhauser, Carolina (CH)

Ms. Carolina Fankhauser, MSc, is a Microbiologist in the Infection Control Programme and World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety at the University of Geneva Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland. She is interested in Hand Hygiene and multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO). Her work on hospital epidemiology has been related mainly to the surveillance of MDROs within the hospital setting. She has been actively involved in European multicenter research projects such as MOSAR and RGNOSIS, dealing with different approaches to control MDROs. She has also organized and participated in the Train the Trainers courses on Hand Hygiene held in several countries. At a community level, she collaborates with the Cantonal antibiotic resistance working group, in Geneva. She has also served as a diplomat at the multilateral level, mainly on topics related to health, human rights and childhood.