Lucet, Jean-Christophe (FR)

Bichat – Claude Bernard Hospital, Paris, France

Jean-Christophe LUCET is a Professor in Microbiology and Infection Control. He is head of the Infection Control Unit of the Bichat – Claude Bernard University Hospital in Paris, France. His research interests are the epidemiology and control of multiply-resistant bacteria in the hospital setting (ESBL, MRSA and highly-resistant bacteria) using intervention tools, behavioral approach and statistical modeling.

Other research topics include new techniques for assessing infectious risk and interaction between patients and healthcare workers; behavioral approach of Infection control; methodological aspects of surveillance and reporting of surgical site infection; and prevention of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) in the ICU.

Besides hospital and research activities, he participates to French and European expert groups, including in France : quality indicators to be publicly reported in French healthcare institutions, updating definition of HAI and recommendations for prevention of various conditions, including multiply- and highly-resistant bacteria, and recently reorganisation of national networks for surveillance and prevention.