McGuckin, Maryanne (US)

McGuckin Methods International (MMI)

Maryanne McGuckin, Dr. ScEd., FSHEA, is an internationally renowned advocate for healthcare quality, hospital safety, and patient advocacy. She is the author and developer of Partners In Your Care, a empowerment method that improves healthcare quality by helping patients avoid healthcare-associated infections.

She mentors healthcare teams across the globe through her teaching and encouragement, and instills a sense of ownership in healthcare workers, patients, and their advocates so that all stakeholders partner to ensure the best of care.

Dr. McGuckin’s distinguished body of work is represented in over 100 peer-reviewed abstracts, journal articles, and scientific conference lectureships. Her most recent publication, The Patient Survival Guide – 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hosptial- and Healthcare-Associated Infections, has received acknowledgement in healthcare reviews and national media.

As President and CEO of McGuckin Methods International, Inc., Dr. McGuckin leads a team of world-class researchers, educators, and patient advocates, in pioneering effective methods for safe healthcare practices. Dr. McGuckin is a former faculty member of University of Pennsylvania.