Michael David Ian Lucas

Michael matriculated from St John’s Collage, Houghton in South Africa with seven distinctions in 2011. He then studied Mechanical Engineering, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa, in 2016. His research interests lead him into the field of biomedical engineering, starting with undergraduate research into biomaterials via cold spray and 3D printed polymers.

Michael was awarded Best Presentation in the Mechanical Engineering Programme, by the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE), after being selected to present his research at the 2015 School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering valediction at the university.

Michael’s postgraduate studies extended this preliminary research into biomedical engineering applications of cold spray and additive manufacturing technologies. Michael’s Masters in Engineering was later upgraded to a PhD research study, under the title: Antimicrobial surface coatings via cold spray and 3D printing technologies; which he is currently completing at Wits University. Based on the novel and inventive aspects of this research an international patent application has been filed, under the title: Method of Applying an Antimicrobial Surface Coating to a Substrate. Michael has over five years experience in additive manufacturing, surface coating technology and infection prevention.