ICPIC Clip Award

The primary objective of the Award is to honour the creativity and quality of the best video clips promoting infection control or any measure designed to improve patient safety.

Participation: Individuals, groups, or industry may enter up to two video clips of a 2-5 min duration.

To apply for the ICPIC Clip Award, candidates are required to submit an abstract describing the clip before 29 May via this link

The actual video clip must also be submitted by 29 May by WeTransfer to icpic.abs@mci-group.com

Hand Hygiene Painting Festival, Mashhad-Iran

by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Welcome on board! – An edutainment movie to promote basic infection prevention measures

by UniversitätsSpital Zürich

Hands to yourself. Just imagine what you do to your patients

by Hospital Beatriz Ângelo

Topics should:

  • Relate directly to infection control and antimicrobial resistance
  • Promote and stimulate commitment to infection control and healthcare improvement principles

Clips will be evaluated on their originality, fun factor, and usefulness in promoting the topic. They may feature certain devices or products on the market, but are not allowed to be “promotional” (logo’s or brand name of products may be recognizable but the aim of the clip is promoting infection control, not the product).