Nicolas Loebel

Dr. Nicolas Loebel serves as President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ondine Biomedical Inc., specializing in product research and development, photochemistry, systems integration, and cross-functional team building. His research focus has centered on novel photochemistries, rheological modeling of periodontal disease and tooth mobility, fiber optic waveguide propagation theory, evanescent coupling and the applications of optical fibers to interferometric sensors. He has significant experience in dental and medical product development and manufacturing, corporate management and business development in public and private market environments. Dr. Loebel has authored numerous publications and patents and lectures regularly on antimicrobial photodynamics around the world. In 2017, Dr. Loebel was recognized by the International Photodynamic Association with the Clinical PDT Research Excellence Award for his work to develop numerous photodisinfection-based medical devices. He holds a PhD and MSE in Biomedical Engineering and a BSAA in Aeronautical Engineering.