➤ Didier Pittet, Geneva
➤ Andreas Voss, Nijmegen
➤ Stephan Harbarth, Geneva


Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the scientific advisory board are actively involved in suggesting sessions and, in part, helping to plan a coherent and innovative programme. All members are also taking part in the abstract review process.
➤ Benedetta Allegranzi, WHO
➤ Philippe Eggimann, Switzerland
➤ Petra Gastmeier, Germany
➤ Stephan Harbarth, Switzerland
➤ Loreen Herwaldt, USA
➤ Moi Lin Ling, Singapore
➤ Didier Pittet, Switzerland
➤ Evelina Tacconelli, Italy
➤ Andreas Voss, The Netherlands
➤ Walter Zingg, Switzerland


Local Support Team

The local support team is a multidisciplinary team from Geneva providing help across all aspects.
➤ Fabricio da Liberdade Jantarada
➤ Tcheun-How Borzykowski
➤ Rosalie Kacou Adom
➤ Esther Bettiol
➤ Claude Ginet