Art zone

The ICPIC Art zone is a place intended to offer time to rest and – most importantly – feature non-scientific books and art created by colleagues you might know and who might be sitting next to you during the meeting.

Creative minds are the ones that change the world and shape innovations, including those in healthcare. Many of our colleagues are not only great scientists, but have another creative gift. Some examples are Edward Lowbury, a published poet and founding member of the Hospital Infection Society (UK), W. Somerset Maugham, playwriter/novelist and intern at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and best-selling author Michael Crichton, a former Harvard Medical School alumnus. Most of us hear about our gifted colleagues, but only a few have actually seen their creations.

If you are a writer, painter, photographer, singer, or have any other hidden talent, please let us know if you would be willing to bring along an example (or two) to share with colleagues at ICPIC. Any promotional material (e.g., how to buy your book, picture, or CD) is welcome!  For logistic reasons, please let us know by email to what you will bring by 15 May 2013 at the latest.


While we are sure that most participants will be careful when handling your creation and leave it in the “ICPIC ART ZONE” despite their admiration for your art and creativity, the organizers do not accept any responsibility with regards to damage to your art work and advise to leave unique originals or anything with high value at home.