Innovation Academy

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.”

Albert Einstein, Physicist and Nobel Laureate, who spoke often of innovation and creativity

What is the “Innovation Academy”?

The Innovation Academy is a unique opportunity to allow investigators and participants at ICPIC 2011 to participate in a forum which brings together thought leaders in the area of innovations in the practice of infection control and prevention of antimicrobial resistance. It is the first introduction of such an event to an Infection Prevention and Control Meeting and should be an exciting opportunity for all attendees. The Innovation Academy brings together experts from diverse fields that can interact during the planned symposium, the investigator presentations, a social event and a final presentation and awarding of three “Innovation Awards of Excellence” which will be judged by the Expert International Jury of the Academy. The Awards will consist of a certificate, a cash prize and atrophy.

Why should there be an “Innovation Academy”?

The word innovation has its roots in Latin, stemming from innovatus which means to renew or change and although innovation may be seen as a renewal process, it requires a new way of applying decisions or a new application of an existing discovery. It is an important concept in business, economics, engineering, technology and design and is becoming more important in the area of medicine as well. The objective of the Academy is to provide a collaborative interaction between infection control professionals and antimicrobial resistance experts, design experts, technology leaders and business entrepreneurs.

Where is the “Innovation Academy“?

The Innovation Academy will be held during ICPIC 2011 in Geneva and will be clearly identified in the Program. A separate category for the abstract presentations will be provided with details given for the content and attributes to be classified asa participating abstract in this category. When will the Innovation Academy be held? The “Innovation Academy “ will be held over separate sessions which will include dedicated Poster and Oral presentations, a Symposium which will include speakers from medicine, biomedical engineering, business and technology transfer organizations and a final Awards Ceremony at the cloture of the ICPIC Meeting.

Who may participate?

The Innovation Academy Symposium is open to all participants to the meeting. Investigators who wish to include their abstracts in the Innovation Academy session for oral/poster presentation and compete for the “Innovation Awards of Excellence” must clearly identify the stream (“14. Category innovation”) – to which they are applying and be prepared for judging by members of the Expert International Jury of the Academy and be prepared to attend the Award Ceremony.

How will abstracts be submitted and adjudicated for the Innovation Academy?

Abstract Submissions to the Innovation Academy

The format will be identical to the standard submission process but they must be clearly delineated as belonging to the category of the “Innovation Academy”
Additional features for the abstract which may be considered include the following: application of the contribution, originality and creativity, ease of duplication, documented and measurable application, sustainability, cost effectivenessif appropriate and the significance of the contribution in improving the qualityof live / of patients

Attributes identified as essential to innovation and for which judging will be applied:

Transformative of a service or process and not merely additive – the service or process should replace a previous system or prevention model and be improved in objective and measurable ways
Impactful – attracting the attention of other service providers, researchers ,clinicians, and patients
Pioneering in its scope or in an element, being the first to change the system or process – establishing an approach that will be emulated by others
Strategic – fulfilling the mission of the organization
Sustainability – have positive, long-term impact
Adaptability – could be applied to different settings and resource health systems“

Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress“.

Theodore Levitt, Economist and author of “Globalization of Markets”