Semmelweis at ICPIC

The story of Ignaz Semmelweis’ struggle to introduce hand hygiene to the Vienna General Hospital holds a special place in the heart of many infection control professionals. His pioneering use of epidemiology, his determined pursuit of an infection prevention intervention and his vigorous championing of patient safety mean that – despite his faults – he remains an inspiration to those who follow.

It is fortunate that this first ICPIC will coincide with Semmelweis Day on July1st, 2011. This year also marks a sesquicentenary since the publication of “TheAetiology, Concept and Prevention of Childbed Fever”, Semmelweis’ weighty monograph.

To mark this auspicious occasion, ICPIC presents:

Semmelweis day: the ten commandments on hand hygiene

This plenary session will involve ten internationally renowned infection control experts presenting their own experiences and opinions regarding hand hygiene promotion. What are the key ingredients to a successful campaign? What does thefuture hold for hand hygiene?