1 Health-care associated infection

1a   Bloodstream and intravasculardevice associated infections
1b   Surgical site infections1c Ventilator-associated pneumonia
1d   Urinary tract infections1e Gastroenteritis (other thanNorovirus and CDAD)
1f    Norovirus1g C.difficile/CDAD
1h   Staphylococcal infections
1i    Bone- and prosthetic jointinfections
1j    Nosocomial viral infections (otherthan norovirus and influenza)
1k   Influenza/lessons learned from H1N11l Yeast and mold infections
1m  Burden of HAI

2 Multi-drug resistant microorganisms

2a   MRSA epidemiology and control
2b   Vancomycin-reistant enterococci
2c   ESBL & Co (Gram-negativeresistance)
2d   Multidrug-resistant pathogens(other than MRSA, VRE andESBL&Co)

3 Antimicrobials

3a   Antimicrobial-resistance (surveillance)
3b   Antimocrobial-use andstewardship

4 Special issues in infection control

4a   Hand hygiene
4b   Behaviour and infectioncontrol/influencing HCWs
4c   Patient participation
4d   Healthcare worker (HCW)education
4e   Innovative approaches in infectioncontrol
4f    Ergonomics and human factorsdesign in infection control
4g   Epidemiological methods and theirapplication to infection control
4h   Mathematical modelling ininfection control

5 Surveillance of HAI

5a   Surveillance and infection controlindicators
5b   Public reporting / Benchmarking of infection rates OR Publicreporting/Benchmarking

6 Special patient populations

6a   Infections & infection preventionin critical care (ICU)
6b   Infections & infection control inneutropenic patients
6c   Transplantation and HAI/HAIprevention
6d   Infections and infection preventionin pediatric populations
6e   Infection control in long-term carefacilities and nursing homes
6f    Infections and infection preventionin the developing world

7 Special settings

7a   Operating room
7b   Dialysis
7c   Endoscopes

8 Disinfection/sterilization

8a   Environmental control
8b   Disinfection – skin (other thanhands)
8c   Sterilization

9 Outbreaks

10 Public-health and patient safety issues

11 Nursing homes

12 Occupational health

13 Submissions in French

14 Innovation in infection control andantimicrobial resistance prevention
(Abstracts submitted for Innovation and Innovation Academy)